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Labscape is a software testing company specialising in the system testing of web-based applications ranging from the simplest websites to the most complex online banking and e-commerce sites.

We have a fully-equipped Test Centre in Central London, and can work on-site anywhere in the UK. With engagements starting from just one hour, it has never been easier to reap the benefits of flexible resourcing.

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What would be the consequence...

if your website or software didn't work correctly when you needed it to? Lost sales? Damaged reputation? Financial penalties?

With a wealth of experience including the UK's highest-profile web and e-commerce sites, Labscape has credentials you can rely on.

Labscape - ensuring your software works first time and every time

Work for us

We are looking for exceptional people to join the team. Do you have what it takes?

Guaranteed Response Times

We guarantee that the testing resources you need will be available when you need them.

Functionality & Compatibility Testing

Our fully-equipped Test Centre has an extensive software library and a wide range of PC and Mac hardware.


With more than 5 years experience of the WCAG, Section 508 and the DDA, few companies can match our credentials.

Exploratory Testing

We are the UK's leading exponents of exploratory testing, the most efficient and effective approach to testing.

What's New

Our wide range of accessibility training courses now includes the creation of accessible PDFs.