Compatibility Testing

Our extensive software library and stock of hardware spans the last ten years. We have Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, browsers, plug-ins, security applications etc, so we can configure any desktop environment you are ever likely to want.

Browser compatibility

Fragmentation of the browser market means it is no longer sufficient to test with Internet Explorer. Approximately 20% of Internet users are now using other browsers such as Firefox, Safari and Opera, and this is on an upwards trend.

Operating system compatibility

Windows still enjoys a near 95% market share, but there are significant differences between the various versions, particularly with respect to desktop and client-server applications. Mac OS X is growing in popularity, and Linux is at last being adopted as a desktop operating system.

Our rigorous procedures ensure that each project starts with a clean installation of the operating system, so that the results are both accurate and repeatable.

Hardware compatibility

Do you need to know the minimum hardware requirements of your application or multimedia content? What happens on lower specification equipment? We have all the hardware necessary to find out.

Are you providing streaming media or other time-sensitive data streams? What bandwidth is needed, and what happens if there's not enough? We can test from 56k modems up to 8Mb/s broadband and any speed in between.

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