Vision Impairment Awareness Training

Our trainers provide advice, support, consultancy and training to individuals and organisations working with vision impaired people, based on years of personal and professional experience.

Course Contents

  • Vision impairment awareness
  • The causes of sight loss
  • Communication with vision impaired people
  • Adaptions to daily living
  • Types of communication
  • Vision impairment culture
  • Sighted guide training
  • Supporting vision impaired people with their use of computers and related technologies
  • Understanding and supporting vision impaired people's use of computers
  • Basic navigation of computer operating systems and applications with the keyboard
  • Working with vision impaired people and supporting their technology and communication needs

Advice and training for those who support vision impaired people

  • Providing consultancy related to supporting vision impaired people and their use of technology
  • Daily living
  • Communication
  • Mobility
  • Access to websites and the Internet

Communication and Transcription

  • Supporting transcription of information into formats best suited to the communication needs of vision impaired people
  • Advice on suitable communication methods for imparting information
  • Basic transcription in Braille, Tape or CD

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