Voice Recognition Training


Voice recognition software allows users to control their computer and enter text entirely hands free. It can improve productivity for everyone and make computers accessible to many who cannot currently use one.

The technology has improved dramatically in recent years and with good training it is possible to dictate at normal talking speed with virtually no errors. The market leading product is Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and this is the product we recommend and supply, although we can conduct the training on other products.

Many people can benefit from the use of voice recognition software, such as the following groups.

  • People with mobility impairments and conditions such as RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis
  • Amputees and those without use of their limbs
  • Dyslexics
  • Professionals who currently use dictation machines
  • Companies concerned with prevention of RSI among their staff
  • Authors
  • Students preparing dissertations
  • Anyone who types slower than they can talk

Course Description

Our trainer has specialised in voice recognition products for more than twelve years and has trained hundreds of individuals and corporate clients in this time.

Training sessions usually last two hours, during which you will learn how to train the software to recognise your voice, dictate text that you can copy into other applications, work directly in other applications, browse the Internet and send email.

Course Contents

Training is customised to the needs of each user, and includes the following topics.

  • Train the software to recognise your voice
  • Learn how to dictate accurately
  • Voice commands for controlling the program and editing the dictated text
  • Improving the accuracy of dictation by updating the voice file when the program makes mistakes
  • Dictation directly into Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Browsing the Internet
  • Using email

Where is the Training Conducted?

Unless you have already installed and tested the software we prefer to do the training on one of our machines in our facility in Surbiton. We understand that some people may not be able to travel so we will come to your home or office if necessary, although additional charges may then apply.

What Specification Does my Computer Need to be?

The accuracy of voice recognition software depends on the hardware you have. The latest version of NaturallySpeaking requires Windows 2000 SP4 or Windows XP SP1 or higher. Your PC should have a 1GHz Pentium 3 processor with at least 512MB RAM.

If your machine has a lower specification then you should use an earlier version of the product. Naturally this lacks some of the features of the latest version and may not be as accurate.

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